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New! Cycled JellyTank 5 (Comes With 4 Moon Jellyfish)


The JellyTank 5 has been refurbished and tested before being handed over to customer.

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We have secured and have been refurbishing a quantity of JellyTank 5 Aquariums. These tanks are purpose designed for Jellyfish and provide the laminar flow needed for healthy Jellyfish. All tanks have been soak tested “literally” and availability in Black and White options.

Included in this package is a JellyTank, Starter Kit, 4 moon jellyfish (2 medium 2 small), pre-cycled water, a quarterly supply kit with strips, and a pro maintenance kit.

Starter kit includes:

  • JellyTank 5.0
  • Bio Balls
  • Water pump, LED Light & Controller
  • Starter Kit Items Include: Brush, Salt, JellyFeeder, Hydrometer, Filter Pad, Conditioned Water.

The starter kit includes everything you’ll need to  maintain your jellyfish in the JellyTank.  The pick up option includes 4 moon jellyfish (2 Medium 2 Small) and all the maintenance and care supplies you will need to use.