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Jelly Cylinder 2G Aquarium Fully Set Up!


The Second Generation Jelly Cylinder 5 is the newest aquarium model available from Jellyfish Art! The 2nd Generation, Jelly Cylinder 5 jellyfish aquarium is a cutting edge 5 gallon cylindrical jellyfish aquarium designed to create a suspending laminar flow environment.

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This product is available through local pick up only.

Jellyfish Aquarium is providing all Ontario citizens the option to have a jellyfish aquarium without the hassle of cycling the tank. Instead, we do it for you!

Jellyfish Aquarium provides premixed saltwater along with a quarterly supply package and a pro maintenance kit to make sure you can care for the included moon jellyfish from day one!

We also have a commitment to give back $5.00 for every empty 2 Gallon Jug you return to us!

This Includes:

  • (1) Jelly Cylinder 2 Gallon Aquarium
  • (1) Quarterly Supply package
  • (1) Pro Maintenance Kit
  • (1) Small Moon Jellyfish
  • (1) 2 Gallon Jugs of Premixed Saltwater

Aquarium Specifications:

        • 2 gallons
        • Special laminar water flow pattern not possible in regular fish tanks mimics the natural open water habitat of jellyfish.
        • Integrated mechanical, chemical and biological filtration in an accessible, hidden compartment makes it simple to operate and keep clean.
        • Driven by a whisper quiet air pump that oxygenates the water and introduces no heat, keeping the jellyfish comfortable at room temperature.
        • LED changes the colors of the jellyfish with the click of a remote control button.
        • Made from durable, crystal clear acrylic hand-molded by the same factory we’ve been working with for five years.
        • Comes with all the accessories you need so you just add water: LED, remote control, sponge filter, air pump, pipette, and hydrometer.

Pro Maintenance Kit with Test Strips:

  • (1) Clear Vacuum/Siphon Hose
  • (1) Aquarium Brush Kit
  • (1) Jellything Tool
  • (1) Acrylic Cleaning Cloth
  • (1) Algae Scrub Pad

Quarterly Supply Kit:

  • (1) 25g of Jellychow
  • (1) 10 gallon bag of Jellyfish Salt
  • (1) 5-pack of Chemipure Blue Nano
  • (1) Seachem Pristine 100ml
  • (1) 5 in 1 API Test Strips
  • (1) API Ammonia Test Strips

Please note: The supplies that are offered with the starter package included with the aquariums in Canada are not identical to Jellyfish Art in the USA.

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