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3 Moon Jellyfish (Medium)


A package of three medium sized moon jellyfish.

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Aurelia aurita

Our Moon Jellyfish are born and raised in an aquarium environment and as such are much better suited for life in your jellyfish aquarium than wild caught jellies. They are also accustomed to eating our dry jelly fish food.

Moon Jellies have a white saucer-shaped body that looks like a pulsing full moon. Their stomachs are distinct four-leaf clover shapes in the center. Because of their translucent bodies, Moon Jellies will glow with whatever color of light illuminates them. Moon Jellies sting is not potent enough to be felt by (most) humans. Moon Jellies are found all over the world in a range of temperatures. These Moon Jellies prefer conditions close to room temperature.


    • Medium size – approximately 5cm (2″) diameter
    • Topical strain and do not require a chiller on the aquarium
    • Care level: Easy
    • Temperature: 18-24C (64-75F)
    • Feeding: Dry jellyfish food, newly hatched baby brine shrimp
    • Harmful to humans: No
    • Photosynthetic: No
    • Life Span: 1 year
    • Maximum Bell Size: 30 cm (12 inches)(Smaller if fed less)

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